About the Document House Group (DHG)

The Document House Group consists of two companies, Document House and Document Safety, as well as several affiliated domestic and overseas expert companies and multiple specialists.

All our staff members strive to listen to customers’ requirements, understand their current goals, and think of what their next goals will be after achieving those goals. We will propose the best solution that will take your business one step further. In an age where we tend to forget the fundamental and important things in the midst of rapid technological innovation and the information technology wave, our top priority is human relationships. We will work on all kinds of projects, always keeping in mind to share the joy of our work with all stakeholders, get inspired from each other, and draw strength to take the next leap forward.

Our specialists in various fields (technical writers, translators, project managers, designers, illustrators, DTP and CAD operators, native checkers, system engineers, lawyers, patent attorneys, tax accountants, financial planners, risk consultants and various other consultants, etc.) work together to meet the our customers’ diverse needs, not limited to the Japanese market. As your one-stop-shop, we will continue to strive to meet all kinds of needs to achieve customers' success, aiming to maximize your corporate value.

A leading company
in document solutions

Document House is a leading company that has focused on customers' success since its inception from aspects such as, manual planning to achieve various objectives, increasing customer satisfaction by improving product usability, working on product safety through risk reduction, and legal and regulatory research and compliance, and that continues to solve problems associated with manual and video manual production and achieve globalization through English, Japanese and various other languages.

Service History of DHG

  • 30+ years in manual production

    For over 30 years, we have been providing one-stop services for production, diagnostics, evaluation, compliance with laws, regulations and standards, and multilingual deployment of manuals and instruction manuals, web manuals, online help, maintenance videos, e-learning videos, and parts lists in many industrial fields, such as IT and software, industrial machinery and medical equipment.
    We also support comprehensive quality improvement and risk reduction efforts that go beyond manual production by differentiating you from competitors, visualizing the manual quality, and conducting risk assessment and effectiveness verification from the perspective of users.
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about manuals, video production and translation. Our professional staff will be happy to assist you.

  • 30+ years in technical translation

    We have translated more than 10,000 documents in the fields of industrial machinery and medical equipment. We provide technical translation services in English-Japanese and Japanese-English for manuals and websites, etc., and multilingual translations for more than 50 languages. Feel free to contact us regarding not only translations, but regulatory investigations and compliance work for each country. We also offer quick turnaround for large volumes of technical translation and DTP editing of several thousand pages.
  • 15+ years in video manual production

    We produce Japanese and English multilingual video manuals, mainly for industrial machinery and medical equipment. We support a wide range of videos, from training videos for beginners to maintenance videos for field engineers.
  • 15+ years in company-wide risk assessment

    Since our business alliance with a major general insurance company in 2007, we have jointly developed a company-wide risk assessment system (i-CRAS) using a cloud environment, providing risk assessment services mainly to companies listed on the stock exchange. With i-CRAS, the PDCA cycle can be implemented annually, by its low-cost but quick company-wide risk assessments. We can quickly and efficiently establish an ERM (Integrated Risk Management) implementation system that keeps up with new risks.

Company Information

  • Document House Co., Ltd.

    • Established

      June 2, 1989

    • Capital Stock

      40 million yen

    • President

      Toshiaki Honma

    • Associate Banks

      MUFJ Bank, Tamachi branch
      Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Hachioji branch
      Resona Bank, Hachioji branch
      Mizuho Bank, Hachioji branch
      The Tama Shinkin Bank, Mejirodai branch

    • Associate Law Firm

      Honma & Partners

  • Document Safety Co., Ltd.

    • Established

      July 2, 1997

    • Capital Stock

      10 million yen

    • President

      Toshiaki Honma

    • Associate Banks

      MUFJ Bank, Tamachi branch
      Resona Bank, Hachioji branch


  • March 1987

    Established Document House

  • June 1989

    Incorporated as Document House Co., Ltd.

  • November 1995

    Formed business alliance with AIU Insurance Company, Japan Branch

  • March 1996

    Begun development of packaged software

  • March 1997

    Formed business alliance with Japan Standards Association

  • July 1997

    Established Document Safety Co., Ltd.

  • April 1999

    Formed business alliance with Japan Management Consultants Association

  • March 2006

    Begun development of cloud systems

  • February 2007

    Formed alliance with AIG Corporate Solutions (now Chartis Corporate Solutions)

Why Choose Dhouse?

  • A one-stop service
    coordinating the entire process

    We will manage the entire production process from manual planning to design, writing, DTP editing, translation, online manual, video manual production, printing and delivery. By being a one-stop shop, we can effectively use sources in multiple products. Of course, we support requests for just a part of the production process, such as ""manual production only"" or ""translation + DTP editing"".
    We also provide services for the creation of technical illustrations from CAD data and photographs.

  • Fast global content production

    We provide one-stop service for the production of multilingual manuals in Japanese and English. Our English technical writers and native English staff will support English technical writing and editing services for the production of manuals. Upon request, we will provide legal checks in English by legal experts.

Project Track Record

Over the years since its establishment in 1987, dHouse has provided professional services to a wide range of businesses and public-sector organizations. The following table contains a short list of dHouse clients along with information regarding the type of projects that were undertaken for each individual company.


  • 1. Technical Translation
  • 2. Technical Documents
  • 3. Catalogs
  • 4. DTP & Illustration
  • 5. Medical Device Documents
  • 6. Localization
  • 7. Document Diagnosis/Evaluation
  • 8. Compliance Consultation
  • 9. e-Learning
  • 10. Web Design
  • 11. Video Production
  • 12. Software Development
  • 13. Financial Documentation
  • 14. Risk Management Support
  • 15. OS Effectiveness Testing